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Edinburgh Roadstar Convertible Car Seat Black
Colour: Black
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Buzz Lightyear License Sunshades
Limited Stock

Style Code: 4011773

Colour: Multi-colour

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Buzz Lightyear License Sunshades. Our kids spend up to three times more time in the sun than we do. Yep, makes you think, doesn’t it? We lather them up from head to toe in sunscreen, hats and long sleeves but we seem to forget about protecting their most delicate area; their eyes. Ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to young eyes. Our novelty licensed eye-wear will not only give you peace of mind, but your kids will adore the fun,

colourful and easy-to-wear range. These Buzz Lightyear Sunshades will look great
on your little one when out in the sun or even at a dress up party!

Features: -Buzz Lightyear Sunglasses -Provides 100% UV400 Protection -Suitable from 6 years +

Code: 4011773

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100% UV400 Protection

What you get

1 x Buzz Lightyear License Sunshades