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Love To Dream Sleep Suit 0.2 TOG Aqua Size 2
Limited Stock

Style Code: 4012147

Colour: Aqua


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Love To Dream Sleep Suit 0.2 TOG Aqua Size 2 (24 Months). The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT™ is a 0.2 TOG premium Sleep Suit with legs & convertible feet.This
sleeveless, onesie style sleeping bag is ideal for warmer temperatures,
as it’s made from ultra-light Nuzzlin™ fabric; a new generation muslin
fabric which is super soft & highly breathable, reducing the risk of
overheating. The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT™ allows
additional mobility & freedom versus traditional sleep bags, making
it perfect for active babies & toddlers who are always on the go. The ‘2 in 1’ feet can be covered for
bedtime, or uncovered for play time. The foot cuffs are made from jersey
knit cotton for extra snugness and feature anti-slip dots for safer

Features: -Suitable for 24 Months -0.2 TOG for warmer climates -Made from ultra-light muslin fabric which is super soft and highly breathable, reducing the risk of overheating -Sleeveless design for ventilation on warmer days & nights -Built-in legs & feet allow your child to move safely around their sleep space. -Leg length specially sized to help reduce trip hazard -Grip pads on the feet to help reduce slipping -Smart zip for easy nappy/diaper changes. -Easy care: Machine washable and tumble dryer friendly

Code: 4012147

Delivery & Returns


-Available in sizes: 24-36 months (Size: 2), 36-48 months (Size: 3)

-Made from 100% cotton

-Easy care: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly

What you get

1 x Love to Dream Sleep Suit in Aqua

Suitable for 24 months - 36 months (Size: 2)


How should I dress my baby under the Love To Dream Sleep Suit 0.2 TOG?

Overheating has been linked to SIDS so it is very important to ensure your little one does not overheat.

The Love To Dream Swaddles, Sleep Bags and Sleep Suits have been designed to eliminate multiple layers of wrapping and bedding.

The table below provides you with guidelines* around how to dress your little one based on the room temperature.

*Please note: It is really important that you take
into account all external factors when determining how to dress your
baby, including the type of clothing that the baby has on, the babies
general health and wellbeing, the temperature of the babies bedroom and
if this may change throughout the night or day. All of these factors may
vary in the same way as it does for adults. The table provided below
should be used as a guide only & the carer needs to use their own
discretion when dressing their baby for sleep time.

Love to dream clothing by temperature guide.

Is it safe to use a blanket over the Sleep Suit?

We recommend that it is safest to avoid all loose blankets in the cot
and instead add extra layers underneath your Love to Dream Sleeping
Suit. Please refer to the guide on how to dress your little one.

If you do choose to use a blanket it is crucial that you follow SIDs
and KIDs guidelines in relation to using blankets in the cot.

What is the TOG rating?

The TOG measurement, typically used in Europe, refers to the
approximate warmth of the product by measuring the thermal insulation
provided by its material.

TOG rating uses an ascending scale from cool & lightweight
products at 0.2 TOG to warm & cosy products at 2.5 TOG. Basically,
the higher the TOG, the warmer the product.