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Edinburgh Roadstar Convertible Car Seat Black
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Protect A Bed Tencel Bassinet Mattress Protector
Limited Stock

Style Code: 4011867

Colour: White

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Protect A Bed Tencel Bassinet Mattress Protector. Best for sensitive skin, the fitted Tencel Bassinet mattress protector features a hypoallergenic super smooth, non-irritating Tencel sleep- surface. Protecting your baby's bassinet from spills and stains, and from the allergens caused by dust mites, mould and bacteria. Ensuring a healthier night's sleep.

Features: -Made from natural wood-based fibers -Hypoallergenic -Softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton -Tencel helps your baby remain cool in Summer and warm in Winter by wicking moisture away from the skin which keeps it thermo regulating -Protects the mattress against bed-wetting accidents and everyday spills and stains -Protects baby from dust, mould and bacteria that may be present in mattress -The Expandall polyester fitted skirt suits all standards and extra depth mattresses -Approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand's Sensitive Choice Program -Recognised as sensitive skin tried and tested by the Eczema Association of Australasia -2 Year Product Guarantee

Code: 4011867

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-Size: 56 x 40.5cm + 14cm

-Machine Washable

-Made from natural wood-based fibers

What you get

1 x Protect A Bed Tencel Mattress Protector in White