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Nuk 2PK Silicone Genius Soothers 0-2mths
Limited Stock

Style Code: 2010486

Colour: One

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Nuk 2PK Silicone Genius Soothers 0-2mths.

The latest addition to the acclaimed NUK Genius Soother range is specifically designed for premature or newborn babies aged between 0-2 months. The NUK Genius Size 0 is pre sterilised to ensure that parents always have a hygienic soother readily available. Developed in partnership with dental health experts, the NUK Genius Soother is based on the approved orthodontic NUK shape with an even softer, more flexible baglet which reduces the pressure on baby's jaw and teeth, reducing the risk of teeth misalignment. Medical findings combined with clever technical details make the new NUK Genius especially kind to the teeth and jaw. Its particularly soft surface moulds itself gently against your child’s palate, whilst the underside of the teat has a smooth transition and a domed shape, giving the tongue plenty of space for natural sucking movements. The even narrower and particularly thin teat neck helps reduce pressure on little teeth. With a new vent air can always escape meaning it remains flat in the mouth. Genius soothers are made from soft-flex silicone, which is extremely flexible yet bite resistant. The NUK Air System helps to ensure that the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible. All these features combine to make the NUK Genius Soother even kinder to teeth.

Size 0 (0-2 months)
-Sterile and for ready to use
-Hygienic and safe: single packed
-BPA Free

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