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Edinburgh Roadstar Convertible Car Seat Black
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Nuk Steel Fork, Knife & Spoon 18m+
Limited Stock

Style Code: 2010540

Colour: One

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Nuk Steel Fork, Knife & Spoon 18m+. features a toddler-sized knife, fork, and spoon, all made for small hands to grip. The cutlery set has soft handles to ensure safe handling by the child. Additionally, toddlers can learn how to use the knife properly because the fork comes with an integrated knife guide. More than this, the utensils feature stainless steel tips to ensure a long product life, and they come in three colors: pink, blue, and green. The Nuk Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Set is also safe to use in the dishwasher.

-Fork has built-in knife guide
-Soft handles are just right for toddler hands
-Teaches proper hand motions and feeding techniques

Code: 2010540


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