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Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump
Limited Stock

Style Code: 2003628

Colour: One

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One of the smallest double electric breastpump in the world helps mothers save precious time whilst pumping. Freestyle is ideal for daily and regular use.
Are you separated from your baby during the day? Are you unable to breastfeed your baby directly due to work commitments or because your baby has had to stay in hospital? The Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump helps you to pump breastmilk efficiently and comfortably - no matter where you are. Double pumping also saves you precious time and improves milk production.

Thanks to the 2-Phase Expression Technology, the electric breastpump is able to mimic the baby's natural sucking behaviour at the mother's breast. Pumping with the electric breastpump is so comfortable it almost feels as if you are actually breastfeeding. The faster milk ejection and maximum milk flow significantly reduce pumping time.

Freestyle has been developed especially for daily and regular use. The complete solution allows you to enjoy maximum freedom whilst pumping. Double pumping gives you extra time for yourself and baby.

Pumping is fast, efficient and comfortable thanks to the double pumping and 2-Phase Expression Technology of the Freestyle electric breastpump.The double electric breastpump is easy to use. You can either change between the two phases yourself or pre-set the vacuum setting which is most comfortable for you with a simple touch of a button.When you have chosen your preferred vacuum level and pumping pattern, the unique memory function can save your settings which can be easily recalled the next time you use the pump.
The electric breastpump also features a backlight which is useful for pumping during the night.

- Efficient: simultaneous expression in combination with the 2-Phase Expression Technology increases the amount of milk.
- Innovative: small, lightweight and quiet, to make daily expression as comfortable and natural as possible.
- Comfortable: individually adjustable vacuum settings, as well as memory function offers the highest degree of comfort.
- Complete control: a display shows all the relevant information.
- Support of milk supply: double pumping can help to increase and sustain milk supply.

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