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Philips Avent Bottle & Food Warmer
Limited Stock

Style Code: 2006116

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With 30 years of experience we understand how important your breast milk is for your baby. This bottle warmer ensures gentle and even warming, as fast as in 3 minutes*, includes a handy defrost setting and will look great in your kitchen!


- Warm evenly, preserve the quality of your milk

No hot spots will occur in your breast milk, as the milk circulates continuously when it is being warmed.

- Your milk ready in 3 minutes!

Warm 150 ml/5oz milk content fast in just 3 minutes

- Gently defrost your milk

Defrost your milk safe and gently in the bottle warmer whilst spending time with your baby. This is more convenient compared to defrosting under a running tap and faster compared to defrosting in a refrigerator. Above all, it is safer compared to defrosting in a microwave.

- Philips AVENT range compatibility

All Philips AVENT bottles and baby food containers can be used with this bottle warmer.

- The 'Warming reference table' includes timings to warm milk

The packaging of the bottle warmer includes a detachable 'Warming reference table' which can be kept near the device, to always have the right warming timings at hand.

- Warm also baby food

The device also includes a setting to warm your baby food in a fast way.

- Easy to operate

With one twist of the knob, you turn the bottle warmer on and simply select the right setting.

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